Top 3 Reasons Google Says You Should Embrace Mobile – Pt 3

REASON 3: Your future customers are literally around the corner, and mobile can get them in your door.


In an earlier post we mentioned that 90% of users acted within 24 hours of searching for a local business on their smartphone.

Does this mean anything to your business? Do you think it is important to have a mobile presence online? There are so many reasons to make sure you provide an easy and trouble-free mobile experience for your customers, but the biggest one being that you don’t want to lose that customer after they find your business on their mobile device. It only has to be a simple site, but it is extremely important that it has a few key elements to ensure maximum usability:

– A Tap-To-Call button to make it easy for users to call you.

– A location map to make it easy for users to find you. This will usually be integrated with the GPS on your smartphone too.

– A link to your Desktop Website should they wish to get more information that you have left off your mobile site (usually to speed up load times).

– A Contact Form to enable users to easily send you an email from within your mobile site.

Making the change can be easier than you think. Honk Marketing is currently offering a 5 page mobile-enabled version of your current website for just $97 (valued at $497). If you would like to take advantage of this incredible offer, just click here to have us contact you with more details.