About Honk Solutions

Simple Solutions

Business owners and managers who are too busy working ‘in’ their business rather than ‘on’ their business need simple solutions to gain more prospects and convert more sales. Honk Solutions’ proven processes help make businesses (and their sales teams) more successful.

How? By filtering their databases to find those contacts (prospects, past clients and current clients) who are ready, willing, and able to buy right now. Our specially designed systems also nurture their prospects by regularly keeping in touch using various media such as email, direct mail and social media, establishing them as the trusted authority, and building brand recognition.

People only buy from companies that they know, like and trust, and you have to ask yourself, will they turn to your company when they make that critical buying decision? Probably, but only if you have done a good job at keeping your name in front of them. This means that the leads you gain today, via sales efforts, trade shows, advertising, SEO Search engine optimisation), etc… have a much higher ROI (return on investment) because the system is so successful at nurturing them and developing them into paying customers. Then you can turn these customers into raving fans who send you endless referrals.

Honk Marketing also improves your sales process by improving closing ratios and providing measurable statistics for each salesperson. Everything is automated so that nothing falls through the cracks. Large distributors, and manufacturers, as well as independent businesses and salespeople all benefit from Honk Marketing’s systems.

If you run a business, manage a sales team, or are an independent sales rep, our products and services can help you dominate your market.

Contact us and let us know how we can help you and your company.


We are a mobile service and come to you (either in-person or online), but our office is located in Avalon, Lower Hutt.