What’s the Back End?

As funny as it may sound, when it comes to helping your business, looking after your ‘Back End’ is serious business. Why? Because by ignoring your ‘Back End’ you could be flushing your profits down the toilet!

Think of it like this…

You could be ignoring a gold mine right under your nose of past clients. Rather than spending your marketing budget on finding new leads (the front end) and trying to convert them into paying clients, why don’t you dust off that old database of people who have already shown their trust in your business, by opening theirread more

Why Are We Unique?

‘Back End’ Specialists are not your typical breed of marketing advisers.

Rather than pushing expensive media advertising and marketing buys, our objective is to help you build a strong engagement and follow-up process with your clients and prospects that converts them into paying customers.

We are strategists.

We put the tools in place to provide you with measurable information and the business intelligence you need to make the best decisions.

Too many business owners make important and expensive marketing decisions by ‘gut instinct’ or saying ‘that’s what we’ve always done’.

This can leave them with little to no idea of how successful each marketing campaign has been. You deserve better.

You deserve better.

Find out today how our ‘Back End’ Strategist Jamie Houston can empower your company with more meaningful intelligence about your business. Call him for a chat on 0220 475 253 or go here.

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