Client Response Has Doubled…

This testimonial has just come in from one of our clients, which we are so thrilled with we just have to share it with you all!
Are you interested in increasing your bottom line? Then get in touch to see how we can implement the same marketing strategies that generated nearly $300,000 from one email campaign in a matter of weeks for Pioneer Finance.
Please read what Craig Sproull, CEO of Pioneer Finance in Wellington has to say about working with us…

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“Following a business planning meeting in February 2015, we recognized a weakness in our communication with, and offers to, our existing and past clients. We needed to communicate more frequently and efficiently with them, something we had not done effectively in the past. We knew that email was the way to go, but our internal system was designed for record keeping, not marketing.

We were wary of using outside help, due to our perception of the cost, and a reluctance to share data with an outside source, and perhaps lose control. A business coach recommended Jamie Houston and Honk Marketing, so we decided to have a chat.

One chat with Jamie, and we were hooked. Jamie has so many good ideas, and so much enthusiasm. He listens to us, and more importantly, he teaches us how his system works, we are fully involved, and we retain control. The investment we have made in his services is not prohibitive, with the added revenue having far outweighed the expense.

Previously our marketing campaigns to clients were done by post, a very manual operation, we did it all in-house. As the client base grew, it became a big exercise, and we went from doing three campaigns per year to one, due to time constraints. The response was okay at times, and below average on some occasions. In comparison, between April 2015 and October 2015, Honk Marketing has helped us deliver six campaigns!

We estimate that client response has doubled with the campaigns associated with Jamie and Honk Marketing. One small email marketing campaign generated nearly $300,000 in sales in a few short weeks, and we had people responding within minutes of the first email being sent! Just as pleasing is the positive response from the clients themselves. To date, the number of ‘un-subscribers’ has been very low, as have bounce-backs. The offers and the information we are sending (it’s not all about sales!) has been very well received.

When we discussed how we could better engage our past and existing clients back in February, this is what we wanted. Honk Marketing has really delivered, and as a consequence, we have increased our bottom line.”

– Craig Sproull, CEO, Pioneer Finance, Wellington


Do you market to this ‘secret’ list of hot prospects?

Top Secret Not!

If you’ve ever done any direct mail marketing, you probably purchased a list of prospects.

Well, I want to tell you about a “secret” lead list of hot prospects that are five times more likely to respond to your marketing than people on any other list. They will not treat you with suspicion, but instead as a trusted resource. They are twice as likely to send you referrals. They are predisposed to do business with you verses all your competitors, even if you charge more. They are extremely likely to do repeat business with you. And the best part? You can get this list for free.

Sound impossible? Sound too good to be true? Sound like a small business “pipe dream”? Nope, nope, and nope. I can assure you that this list does exist.

So what could it possibly be?

==>> Your past client list.

You might be saying, “C’mon, everyone knows that repeat and referral business comes from past clients. What’s the big deal?” Well, considering that only a tiny fraction of business owners have a consistent marketing plan for their past clients, I’m not so sure everyone really does know this. Or if they do know, they don’t take action, so the result is the same: past clients who get ignored. One of the most expensive investments you will ever make is gaining a new client. After investing the time, energy and money to get that client, what sense does it make to ignore them? Yet that is what most businesses do. Instead, they invest the majority of their resources chasing down the next client, slugging it out in the cold marketplace where they eat their young every day, all while totally neglecting the only group of people in the world who have proven that they’ll do business with them: their past clients. It’s ludicrous!

Keep an eye out for the next blog post where I will discuss the most powerful way to market to your past clients.