What Is The Back End?

As funny as it may sound, when it comes to helping your business, looking after your ‘Back End’ is serious business. Why? Because by ignoring your ‘Back End’ you could be flushing your profits down the toilet!

Think of it like this…

You could be ignoring a gold mine right under your nose of past clients. Rather than spending your marketing budget on finding new leads (the front end) and trying to convert them into paying clients, why don’t you dust off that old database of people who have already shown their trust in your business, by opening their wallets and purchasing from you, and reactivate it?

We specialise in helping your business plan and implement sales/marketing funnels and integrated nurturing campaigns that quickly lead to more business. You see, most businesses focus the majority of their time, money and resources on the ‘Front End’ of the marketing funnel, a.k.a. Lead Generation.

The common misnomer is “If I just had more traffic to my store, or to my website, or to my restaurant… I would have more business.” The fallacy in this thinking is that only 3%-5% of the people that see a marketing message are Ready, Willing and Able (RWA) to buy from you right now. The other 95%-97% need some time. They want to do some research, or they need to make some more money, or maybe they are just not ready at this very moment. And then, even if they do make a purchase, most businesses do not have the proper customer follow-up systems in place to maximize the ‘lifetime value’ of each customer so that they buy from them again, and even refer them to their friends, family and social connections.

As the ‘back end’ specialists, we can help you improve all of these aspects of your business and more.